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    June 9, 2014. My guests are Christine Boepple and Kerry McLaughlin, founders of “Weird Dude Energy”  my favorite blog of ALL TIME. We discuss the beginnings of the blog, their thoughts behind it and what it does, which is a lot. A momentous occasion.  Best if listened to via headphones because I might not have noticed the mic was on mute.


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  2. vcrnoises

    Friends, this is my new tumblr. 

  3. SPACEOUT Productions

    I’m part of this team and we have some exciting projects happening, check us out!

  4. Exploring the Interior Designs of Los Angeles Weed Clinics | VICE United States

    Click above to read an article I wrote for Vice.

  5. Scripts and Such

    Click HERE to get an idea of my writing. I uploaded some scripts I’ve been churning out — some for spec, some for assignments. Most are really short, for modern attention spans. 

  6. Video I directed for Phil Manley Life Coach [Thrill Jockey, 2011]

  7. A few weeks back when we were sitting around fantasizing who in Los Angeles we’d want to collaborate for our recurring series, Tune in an Afternoon, we pretty quickly came up with Dam-Funk and Nite Jewel. When we contacted them, it turned out they were fans of each other and had been looking for an excuse to collaborate. It was decided that Nite Jewel would produce and that their favorite store, LA’s Future Music, would serve as the afternoon’s launching pad. From there, things just got creepy. Be sure to download their song, “Am I Gonna Make It,” here.

  8. A video I directed for the band Art Museums, based loosely on Quadrophenia, Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp and the yearnings of teenagers. [Woodsist, 2010]

  9. A video I illustrated, directed, etc. for Art Museums. You can play Spot the References. [Woodsist, 2010]


    The Glitch Mob is notorious for their live shows— they remix on the fly and seamlessly finish each others’ basslines. Here, the crew takes it up a notch by setting up speakers and a generator renegade-style in the crowded streets of San Francisco for full-scale guerilla beat warfare on the public. What they weren’t expecting was that San Franciscans prove themselves up to the attack—in a way that only San Franciscans can.

  11. A video I did for the duo Lazer Sword. Inspired by the art of the animated gif. [Innovative Leisure, 2009]

  12. In 2008, I produced a twenty minute documentary about John Benson’s communal bus/venue (see the below XLR8R TV episode I directed on the same subject). This documentary was expertly shot & directed by filmmaker Ryan Junell. The Bus was funded by Scion’s Easy Ten Filmmaker Series.


    At 59, the visionary provocateur finally seems to have found peace.
    Just prior to the recent San Francisco show by the re-united Throbbing Gristle , we sat down with Genesis to talk about her very long, very strange and very influential trip.


    Steven Ellison, our favorite sculptor of hazy, spacy laptop beats, is no stranger to the comforting bleeps and bloops of the Nintendo generation. He name-checks Mortal Kombat 2 as an influence and credits the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim with giving him his first big break. Here, ‘FlyLo' shows off his fluid style as he switches with ease between discussing musical legends in the family (great-aunt Alice Coltrane, cousin Ravi Coltrane) and kicking ass on Street Fighter and Galaxian.

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